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Preserved Eucalyptus Populus Bunch

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Our stunning preserved eucalyptus populus. 

With sturdy main stems and thin stems branching off to wide, rounded leaves, this preserved eucalyptus makes a beautiful addition to your home. Preserved to look and feel fresh but last for up to 1-2 years.

Eucalyptus stems measure up to 55cm. Approx. 5 stems per bunch.

Our beautiful Eucalyptus bunches last and last and are a stunning, sustainable alternative to fresh flowers. 

Please note that because of the nature of the product stems may vary in size, colour and shape. Eucalyptus can vary in colour from light to dark greens to blues. This natural product has been preserved and may still have some remnants of preserving agent.

Keep away from sudden temperature changes and changes in humidity. Stems can react to these changes by sweating and they are not colourfast. So please keep away from surfaces where they could cause staining.

Do not clean stems with water, just lightly dust.