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Fluffy Dried Pampas Grass - white

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Make a statement with our beautiful, fluffy white pampas grass. 

This stunning pampas grass has a lovely fluffy plume and an overall length of up to approx 100cm. Plume lengths vary between 30-50cm

The most on-trend home decor this year, our dried pampas grass make a beautiful, everlasting addition to your home. 

Available in bunches of 3 or 5

Natural ivory colour

Pampas grass can be cut down to suit your vase. Dried grasses will last for years making them more sustainable than fresh flowers!

Please note that colour, size, and shape of each plume of pampas may vary. The colour or size may vary between each of the plumes in your bunch. Natural white varies from white to beige. Pampas Grass naturally sheds.

Pampas are shipped in tubes for protection. They may need airing and fluffing out on arrival:

• Shake then a little to remove excessive fur and help the plumes open. They will shed slightly but this is completely normal!

• Separate the plumes with your fingers, opening the fur up. You can also use a hairdryer to encourage the plumes to fluff up further.

• Let the pampas rest in the vase for 24 hrs to get back to its natural form. 

Keep away from water and direct sun-light to prolong the life of your pampas grass.