Why we love preserved eucalyptus

Why we love preserved eucalyptus

Preserved eucalyptus is so on-trend right now, but what makes it so popular?

Preserved eucalyptus is a far more sustainable option to fresh foliage. Unlike fresh eucalyptus which wilts after a week or two, preserved eucalyptus will last for a year or longer. That's not only better for the planet, it's also better for your pocket. The perfect way to have fresh-look, fresh-feel foliage that won't wilt, doesn't require water and has no fuss or maintenance.

Preserved eucalyptus bunch - red

How is eucalyptus preserved?

The process is simple. The eucalyptus stems are placed in a natural, biodegradable preserving agent and left to soak the agent up. The result is beautiful eucalyptus that maintains its beautiful appearance but lasts.

What's more, there are lots of different colours and styles available, from red, blue to green preserved eucalyptus, to lots of different leaf and branch shapes. 

From our classic preserved eucalyptus bunches:

Preserved Eucalyptus Bunch

To our preserved eucalyptus populus bunches:




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