What are the benefits of preserved flowers?

What are the benefits of preserved flowers?

At DRIED flowers UK we use a wide selection of dried and preserved flowers and often get asked what preserved flowers are and what are the benefits of them.  

So in today’s blog post we’re here to answer all your preserved flower questions!


Unlike dried flowers which have merely been dried out, preserved flowers are a little different.

Preserving flowers is a natural process. When a flower or plant has reached the perfect size, they're cut.

They are then rehydrated using a biodegradable solution that is made from fresh plants. The flower absorbs the solution until all of its sap and water is replaced by it. Now the flower is perfectly preserved to last! 

Following this process, preserved flowers maintain a fresh appearance and are more supple to the touch. 


Whereas dried flowers can last for several years if carefully looked after, preserved flowers can last up to 2-3 years. 

To look after your preserved flowers there are several things you can do:

  • Keep them away from water
  • Keep them away from humidity
  • Position them away from sources of heat like radiators or fireplaces


There are tons of benefits to buying preserved flowers and grasses, including:

  • They last and last making them a sustainable alternative to fresh flowers. Preserved flowers can be enjoyed for up to a year or even longer if they're looked after unlike fresh flowers which last for only a matter of days of weeks. This makes them a more environmentally friendly way to bring florals to your home. 
  • No need to water or prune: unlike fresh flowers, preserved flowers need no maintenance. So, if you forget to water your plants and flowers then these are for you!
  • Preserved flowers are 100% natural. They are preserved using a solution that has been made from plants and is biodegradable, meaning they don't harm the environment unlike faux flowers. 
  • They're budget friendly: unlike fresh flowers that have a short lifespan, preserved flowers can last years meaning they're better on your bank balance. 
  • Preserved flowers look stunning! Maintaining their beautiful colours preserved flowers look lovely and fresh but will continue to bring floral joy to your home for years!



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