Top dried and preserved flowers for spring

Top dried and preserved flowers for spring

With spring in the air how better to bring a touch of the season to your home that with dried & preserved flowers?

Unlike fresh flowers, dried & preserved flowers won’t wilt, are low maintenance and will last all year round. The perfect sustainable alternative to fresh!

Whether you’re looking for natural bold colours or something a little more muted, here are our top dried flower picks for Spring. 

Preserved Eucalyptus 

We love preserved eucalyptus because it still looks and feels fresh but it will last for 2-3 years if properly looked after. 

Unlike dried eucalyptus which can be brittle and lacking in colour, preserved eucalyptus holds its gorgeous green tones to bring a touch a nature to your home that will last. 

Preserved eucalyptus looks beautiful in vases on your coffee table or taking centre stage on your dining table. We also sell mini bunch which look perfect scattered around the house in your little pots and vases. 


Dried golden Achillea

Another Spring time favourite is our dried naturally golden achillea. This achillea comes in such vibrant, bold shades of yellow it's a lovely pop of colour that's bound to bring a smile to your face. As this achillea has been dried, it will also last much longer than Spring, bringing dried flower beauty to your home for years!


Ottilie preserved flower arrangement

Our Ottilie preserved flower arrangement is a dreamy mix of spring florals that have been preserved to look fresh and colourful but last for 2-3 years. 

She contains naturally golden achillea, vibrant orange plumosum flowers, supple preserved eucalyptus, dried bunny tails and a gorgeous dried sun palm. 


Arrange at home dried flower arrangement

Our arrange at home dried flower arrangement contains gorgeous dried gypsophila, beautiful yellow achillea and lovely fluffy white bunny tails. This dried flower arrangement arrives ready for you to arrange yourself in your favourite vase. Perfect for bringing some everlasting floral beauty to your home!

 Dried Billy buttons 

Dried billy buttons in natural vibrant yellow are so cute and perfect for putting in your favourite vase at home. In stunning shades of yellow they're guaranteed to bring a splash of colour to any room. At 50cm they can be kept tall to make a statement or can be cut down to suit your vase. 


Dried pussy willow

Nothing says spring like pussy willow, and our pussy willow is dried so it will last for years. Each gorgeous stem contains super cute, furry catkins. At a metre tall our pussy willow is perfect for making a statement in your home. 


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