The Ultimate Guide to Dried Wedding Flowers

The Ultimate Guide to Dried Wedding Flowers

When it comes to planning the perfect wedding, every detail counts, from the dress and venue to the flowers. While fresh blooms have long been the traditional choice, dried wedding flowers are quickly becoming a popular trend among brides. Not only do they offer something a little bit different, they also provide a sustainable and long-lasting alternative to fresh flowers, meaning wedding flowers you can cherish long after the big day is over.

In this guide, we’ll explore why dried flowers are a fantastic choice for your wedding and how to incorporate them into your big day.

Why Choose Dried Wedding Flowers?

  1. Longevity: Unlike fresh flowers that wilt after a few days, dried flowers can last for months or even years. This means you can keep your wedding bouquet as a cherished memento long after your special day.
  2. Sustainability: Dried flowers are an eco-friendly option as they reduce waste. They don’t require the same level of resources to maintain as fresh flowers, making them a greener choice.
  3. Versatility: From bouquets and boutonnieres to centerpieces and arch decorations, dried flowers can be used in numerous ways to enhance your wedding theme. 
  4. Ease: with dried wedding flowers there’s no need to worry about watering or wilting on the day. In fact, you can receive them days or weeks in advance meaning one less thing to stress about on the day
  5. UK wide: our dried wedding flowers can be shipped across the UK, and even overseas! So whereever you are, you can enjoy our dried wedding flowers
  6. Options: with dried wedding flowers there are so many options, from preserved greenery and preserved roses which almost look fresh but last, to bohemian style pampas, to bright and bold colours, whatever style you want you can achieve them with dried!

Popular Dried Flowers for Weddings

  1. Dried Pampas Grass: This tall, feathery grass adds height and drama to any arrangement. It’s perfect for boho-chic and rustic-themed weddings.
  2. Dried Baby’s Breath: Often used as a filler in bouquets, dried baby’s breath adds a delicate, airy feel to arrangements and is perfect for weddings
  3. Preserved Roses: preserved roses are preserved with a natural, biodegradable preserving agent in order to maintain their fresh look appearance but last month after month. That means they retain their romantic charm and are available in various colors, making them a versatile choice for any wedding palette.
  4. Preserved Eucalyptus: With its silvery-green leaves, eucalyptus adds texture and a lovely fragrance to your floral arrangements. Much like with preserved roses, preserved eucalyptus isn’t brittle and dried out, but lush and fresh looking, meaning gorgeous greenery for your wedding day that will last much longer. 
  5. Dried thistles: dried thistles are a gorgeous addition to your dried wedding flowers. With their stunning palette of blues they work perfectly to add a touch of colour.

How to Incorporate Dried Flowers into Your Wedding

  1. Bouquets: We can create stunning dried bridal bouquets and bridesmaid’s bouquets to match using a mix of stunning preserved and dried flowers.
  2. Buttonholes: Perfect for the groom and his groomsmen
  3. Corsages: whether they’re lapel corsages or wrist corsages, these are perfect for the big day
  4. Centerpieces: we can dried flowers to create eye-catching centerpieces. Pair them with rustic elements like wooden crates, vintage vases, or glass jars for a charming, eclectic feel.
  5. Flower Crowns: For a bohemian touch, consider wearing a dried flower crown. This can be a beautiful accessory for both the bride and bridesmaids.
  6. Ceremony Arch: We can decorate your ceremony arch with cascading dried flowers and greenery. This will create a breathtaking backdrop for your vows.
  7. Table Decor: from vase arrangements, freestanding arrangements to things like garlands. 

Tips for Choosing and Caring for Dried Wedding Flowers

  1. Plan Ahead: Start planning your dried flower arrangements early. Since they don’t wilt, you can prepare them well in advance of your wedding day.
  2. Storage: Keep your dried flowers in a cool, dry place to prevent them from becoming brittle or damaged.
  3. Handling: Handle dried flowers with care. Avoid placing them in areas with high humidity or direct sunlight to maintain their appearance.

How to order your dried wedding flowers

At Dried, we offer a pre-designed range of dried wedding flowers which you will find on our website. You can order these and select the date you’d prefer them to be delivered up to a year in advance. Need them in a rush? No problem, just email us to let our friendly wedding florists know. 

We also offer the option for bespoke packages if you’re looking for something a little bit different. Whatever look you’re aiming for, we can make your vision a reality. Whether you’re planning 2 years ahead or 2 weeks ahead, our team can help.

All our dried wedding flowers can be shipped across the UK and Europe, including centrepieces, garlands, arches and more.  


Dried wedding flowers offer a beautiful, sustainable, and long-lasting alternative to fresh blooms. Get in touch for more information on dried wedding flowers today from one of the UK’s leading dried wedding florists. Whether you’re getting married in Edinburgh, Scotland, the UK or overseas, we’re here to help. 

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