Pampas grass guide

Pampas grass guide

Dried pampas grass remains one of the most one trend home decorations. It’s not difficult to see why. Coming in all shapes and sizes, pampas grass is not only beautiful, it last year after year, making it a sustainable home decor for the planet and your bank balance!

In this guide, we’re going to look at the different types of pampas grass we have in here at Dried, to help you find your perfect fit!

Extra fluffy white pampas grass

It’s not difficult to see why our bestselling extra fluffy white pampas grass is so popular. With a tall height of 1 metre and an extra fluffy white plume, this pampas grass is perfect for making a statement.

 Extra fluffy white pampas grass

Natural tall pampas grass 

Next up is one of our tallest pampas grass, measuring up to 110cm, our natural pampas is perfect for making a statement. In beautiful natural shades that vary from whites, greys to beige this pampas grass is affordable and suits almost any home. 

Tall pampas grass natural

Brown pampas grass - tall

In beautiful shades of brown, this pampas grass has a gorgeous droopy plume and measures up to a metre tall. One of our faves!

 Brown pampas grass

Brown pampas grass - short

Also available in a shorter length of 60cm, making them the perfect pampas is pop into your favourite vase on your coffee table or sideboard. They can be cut down further to create that oh so cool droopy plume look!

Brown pampas grass short

Mini pampas grass 

Our mini pampas grass bunches are sumptuously soft, you won’t want to stop touching them! In gorgeous shades of browns/taupe they look stunning on display almost any vase. 

 Mini pampas grass

Wide plumed pampas cortaderia

Our gorgeous wide plumed pampas cortaderia has been bleached white to suit those scandi interiors perfectly. Up to a metre long they’re perfect on display in a tall vase on the floor and the wide drooping plume is bound to make a statement.

Pampas grass cortaderia wide plume


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