Dried Wedding Flowers

Dried Wedding Flowers

Now that the wedding industry is opening back up we're so pleased to be offering dried wedding flowers to help make your special day that extra bit special!

We love dried wedding flowers for lots of reasons. Firstly, they are low maintenance and can be bought far in advance of the special day meaning no last minute nasty surprises!

Secondly, they last! Unlike fresh wedding flowers, dried wedding flowers will last forever. That means you can treasure a your flowers as a lovely reminder of the special day. 

Dried wedding flowers - what we can offer

At DRIED we can offer a range of dried florals for your wedding, including:

  • Bride's dried flower bouquets 
  • Bridesmaid's dried flower bouquets
  • Dried flower table arrangements
  • Dried flower posy
  • Dried flower pocketholes
  • Dried flower thank you bouquets

We're happy to talk through your ideas to carefully craft the perfect everlasting florals for the big day. 

Whether you have a vague idea in mind, know what you want or have no clue at all, our friendly team of florists are always at hand to help bring your vision to reality, to help make the special day the best it can be!


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