Custom Dried Flowers for your business

Custom Dried Flowers for your business

If your business is looking for bespoke dried flower designs for your space or upcoming project Dried are here to help.

Whether you are a hotel looking for more sustainable flower options, a restaurant, salon or interior design studio, Dried can help deliver stunning dried flowers  towards your needs. 

From dried flowers for restaurant tables, to stunning installations that add that wow factor, we can help business of all shapes and sizes. We are an Edinburgh based dried flower florist that work locally within Scotland, but we can also ship out our flowers UK wide if you're further afield. That's the great and easy thing with dried flowers, they last and can be easily transported!

Many businesses are looking for more sustainable and cost effective options to fresh flowers in 2022. With sustainability in mind, Dried create beautiful floral arrangements that are designed to last. Whether you are looking for flowers that last years, or to swap our your floral designs quarterly, we can deliver beautiful flowers for your business that reduce the cost on the planet and on your pocket.

Dried have worked with a number of clients including Johnny Walker, Peleton, Monica Vinader to Ocelot Chocolate to deliver beautiful dried flowers that work for your business. 

Whether you're looking for dried flowers for businesses in Edinburgh or further afield, get in touch with our team of friendly florists to discuss our custom dried flower design service and let us make your vision a reality. 


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