Ideas for displaying your Dried flowers

Ideas for displaying your Dried flowers

The great thing about dried flowers is that they don’t only look beautiful popped into your favourite vase. There are loads of ways you can display them to add a beautiful, everlasting floral touch to your home!

Here are some of our favourite ways to display your dried flowers:

1. In your favourite vase 

Ok, let’s start with the basics. Dried flower bouquets of course look stunning taking centre stage in your favourite vase. I personally love the dark, concrete vases I’ve used in my pictures. However, dried flowers look beautiful in vases of all types, from glass, ceramic to metal. 

2. Hang them

Another amazing way to display your dried flowers is to hang them. You can hang bunches or bouquets and they look fab! I especially love hanging preserved eucalyptus bunches as I just love how nicely they hang. 

Preserved eucalyptus bunch hanging

3. Pop them in baskets

Another of my favourite things to do with dried flowers is pop them in baskets around the house. Whether on the floor or hanging, they look gorgeous placed in baskets and add a beautiful but subtle floral touch to your space. 

4. Make beautiful dried flower decorations 

Dried flowers are perfect for getting crafty with, so why not make some beautiful decorations with them? From gift toppers, baubles to lovely additions to your tablescapes, there’s so much you can do with your dried flowers! This Christmas I’ve made up some beautiful festive dried flower decorations which can be used for loads of things!


Dried flower festive decoration




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